baby steps toward browser play and hard mode

last night I figured out why I couldn't load resources when transpiled to HTML/js via gopherjs!

you can't do syscalls from gopherjs, silly!

luckily ebiten has a nice little function inside ebiten/ebitenutils for opening files, and that will translate your file io into XMLHTTPRequests,  and that Uncle Bob? There he is! Seconds after fixing the four loading methods for the resources in my project it loaded without any further problems and ran in my browser!

So why not post it to yet?

Per the last post, I'm getting ready to turn off the synthetic grave data, so you'll only find jet fuel and oxygen if someone failed before you.  But in order to integrate with my backend service (already written and tested while I was on the train!) I need to do a *little* more work with getting it to work inside's sandbox.  As simple as this game is, it's currently sitting around 5mb, and I'm not sure how much of that is golang library glue that I can prune out and how much isn't.  I definitely am going to be hosting on and note on

I've also decided that the first person to actually WIN Olympus Mons Graveyard on hard mode ought to get something for the achievement.  And really it is going to be a collaborate effort, really, you only win if others came before you and *TRIED*, so if you have ideas about how to incentivize climbers, LMK on chirping bird media, and I'll take it under advisement.

Y'all are lovely, stay fancy, stay *safe*, and watch out for each other.

Bugs and improvements to make:

  * thinking about rebalancing jet physics a bit so it's easier to launch from a hill, as it is if you're walking uphill and you jet you might not actually have a launch trajectory, depending on the hill, and maybe if you got a bit more of an OOMPH when grounded (at additional fuel expense, naturally) it wouldn't be sooooo bad.

  * maybe a collision alarm? blaring?  currently your only hint that 25 m/s impacts might be harmful to your health i  ** DANGER ** in the upper left if you have the FPS + guidance info display on.

  * i have thought about it for long enough and I think i'm going to add a *tiny* jet flare and a little extra detail to represent your jetpack, just so you're not a tiny shining pillar against the backdrop of the martian sky.  But only if it's not too distracting.

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