a hasty release for Train Jam 2018

This is actually the first time I've ever completed a game!

Hajime Hoshi's ebiten caught my eye almost a month ago when I was looking forward to this game jam; ebiten has a number of examples targeting the browser, and in theory, I *should* be able to eventually get this running as an HTML5 game on itch.io.

Today's release is sort of more of what I imagine a "best case" game to look like - in addition to the game itself, I built a backend webservice to maintain data about where climbers' bodies wind up so that their fuel and oxygen can be harvested by future climbers.  But not knowing what the jam demo machine network situation is going to look like means I'll have to cut that for now, and feed people who try it some synthetic graves instead.

But in some not-so-distance future? Maybe a player will fire up Olympus Mons Graveyard and see an empty mountain, cursing them to a frustrating journey up the mountain they have no chance in completing.  And their grave will help the next eager Mars climber on their way.

An aside: this is a fictional, steeper Olympus Mons than the one in reality.  I expanded on a rough outline of one approach of the volcano and added some noise so that it wasn't *quite* so smooth a climb - my initial testing didn't make it clear you were making any progress at all as you were working your way up the mountain.  As it is, you still get a feeling for how futile your climb is if you zoom all the way out.

If you make it to the top of the mountain, send me a tweet and a screenshot of your victory? I'm @Quinelet.

Also, I have no idea what happens if you make it off the edge of the map - probably a crash. Let me know!


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Mar 18, 2018

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